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Terms & Conditions


All hires are subject to the Terms of Hire set our below. Note that rates quoted are in New Zealand Dollars.

Included in your daily rate

· Unlimited kilometres up to 10,000kms
· 15% GST
· RUC (Road User Charges)
· All your kitchen essentials
· Additional Driver fees
· AA Travel Guides
· 24hr National AA Roadside Assistance

Driver’s Licence and Age Requirements

The hirer and each additional driver must be over 21 years of age and must produce a full, valid driver's licence at the start of the hire. New Zealand recognises driver's licences issued by your own country, as well as International Drivers Licenses. If the driver’s licence is not in the English language then an international driver’s licence is also required. An accredited English translation will be accepted in lieu of an international driving permit. For drivers over 75 years of age, a current medical certificate is also required.
Additional Driver fees
No extra fees apply for additional drivers

Hire Period

The minimum rental period for all vehicles is 3 days. Between 16 December and 10 January a minimum rental period of 7 days applies. Note that minimum rental periods are subject to change during peak periods and for off-site collections/returns.
Rates are charged per calendar day (not on a 24-hour basis). If you collect your vehicle on a Monday and return it the following Sunday, the hire is calculated as a 7-day hire. Collection and return times must be within business hours, unless prior arrangements have been made. If a vehicle is returned later than the agreed time on the final hire day you will be charged an additional day's hire. If you extend the hire without prior permission from RV Rentals, each additional day that the vehicle is not returned, will be charged at a full day's hire rate with an additional $50 dollar penalty per day.

NOTE: No refund is due if the vehicle is returned earlier than agreed.

Bookings and Deposits

A deposit is due at the time of booking, in order to secure the requested dates of hire. The deposit is to be 20% of the total hire amount or $200, whichever is the greater value.
This is part of the hire charge. For hires outside the Christmas/New Year seasons, the balance is due on collection of the vehicle. For hires starting from 16th December to 10th January the balance is due 14 days prior to the vehicle collection date. For hires commencing in locations other than Tauranga and outside the Christmas/New Year seasons, the balance is due up to seven days prior to the start of the hire. Balances can be paid by cash, Credit Card or Internet banking.


We accept Visa, MasterCard & American Express, EFTPOS and Direct Credit. A surcharge of 4.5% will apply to any American Express transactions and 2% to all other Credit Card transactions.

Booking Amendments

If you wish to make any changes to your booking within 14 days of collection, no refund will be given if the hire period is shortened. Changes are subject to availability. Any additional days will be calculated at our standard daily hire rate, no exceptions.

Cancellation Policy

If your confirmed booking is cancelled more than 14 days prior to the collection date, RV Rentals will refund 50% of your deposit. The deposit is forfeited if bookings are cancelled within 14 days of the collection date (departure).


A Vehicle Security/Bond is to be paid when you collect your vehicle. This is the insurance refundable should there be no damage to the vehicle and if the vehicle is in a reasonable state of cleanliness when returned to RV Rentals.

NOTE: We do not deduct the bond from the Credit Card, but merely hold the authority to deduct it in the event of damage, an accident or traffic infringement. Where a Credit Card is not available, a cash bond will be payable. The Vehicle Security/Bond is to be refunded after the full inspection of the vehicle, and could take up to 72 hours. Please note that Debit Cards are not accepted as Security – a cash bond is payable in the absence of a Credit Card.


You are fully insured in case of accident damage or loss of vehicle contents (excluding personal belongings).

Standard Insurance - Compulsory

$15 per day on all vehicles. Excess of $4,500 on fully self-contained vehicles.

Optional - Insurance Reduction

Reduce your excess - Pay only $20 per day and reduce your excess to $2,500 on all fully self-contained vehicles

NOTE: We recommend that you have personal travel insurance while travelling.

IMPORTANT: Please note that all awning damage is at the hirer’s expense and is not covered under any insurance, including the Liability Reduction option.


Vehicles must be returned in a reasonable state of cleanliness. This includes emptying of the toilet cassette and cleaning of the BBQ, where applicable. If, on the termination of the hire, we deem the vehicle to be in an unclean state, a minimum cleaning fee of $150 will apply. If more than 4 hours is spent cleaning the vehicle, additional fees of $30 per hour will apply. Additional charges may also be liable in regards to smoking and pets, both of which are strictly prohibited in the vehicle.


All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at the start of hire, and must be returned with a full tank at the end of your hire, otherwise a refuelling fee of NZD $80 will apply plus the cost of the fuel.

Driving Infringements

RV Rentals reserves the right to charge the hirer for any speeding or parking fines, associated administration costs and/or accidents, including Third Party property damage which has not been reported on the return of the vehicle. The administration fee per fine is $60. This is in addition to the cost of the fine.

Toll Roads

If you have passed through any Toll Roads during your hire, please advise us on the return of the vehicle. The amount owing is payable to RV Rentals.

Road Restrictions

RV Rental vehicles must not be driven on the roads listed below, as they are not covered by insurance when travelling on the following roads:
· Ninety Mile Beach (Northland)
· Tapu – Coroglen Road (Coromandel Peninsula)
· North of Colville Township (Coromandel Peninsula)
· Ball Hutt Road (Mt Cook)
· Skippers Canyon Road (Queenstown)

One Way Rentals

One way rentals are subject to the discretion of RV Rentals.


Gas bottles are supplied full at the time of collection of the vehicle. You are not required to fill the gas bottles before returning the vehicle.

Optional Extras (subject to availability – must be pre-booked)

Linen & Bedding Pack includes: 2x Pillows, 1x Duvet Inner, 1x Duvet Cover, 2x Pillow Protectors, 2x Pillow Cases, 1x Double Sheet Set, 2x Bath Towels, 1x Tea Towel 

$75 per pack (per double bed)

Camping Chair

$17 per chair per hire

Camping Table

$27 per hire

Portable BBQ

$75 per rental

12 volt Hairdryer

$12 per rental

12 volt Inverter

$20 per rental

240 volt Power Connector
(to connect RV to a residential house) 

$20 per rental


Child Restraints

All children aged seven years and younger must travel in an approved child restraint. It is the customer’s responsibility to fit the child restraints in the vehicle.

Ferry Reservations

When making ferry crossing bookings, we suggest that you book 7.3m, regardless as to the size of the vehicle, to avoid complications due to possible vehicle upgrades.

Change of Vehicle

In the event that the rental vehicle has to change for unforeseen circumstances, RV Rentals reserves the right to replace it with an alternative vehicle without notification and at no extra cost. This will not be in breach of our contract and will not entitle the hirer to a refund.

Voluntary Downgrade

If you decide to downgrade your vehicle within 14 days of the first day of hire, you will not be entitled to any refund.

Refusal of Rental

RV Rentals reserves the right to refuse any rental at our discretion.


Pets are not permitted in the vehicles. Only service dogs are permitted - prior permission from RV Rentals must be obtained.

NOTE: Pet decontamination will be charged at $50/hour in addition to an initial fee of $250.


Smoking is prohibited in all of our vehicles. If not adhered to, a fee of $150 applies.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm
Saturday 9.00am – 4.00pm
Sunday 9.00am – 3.00pm
Closed on the following public holidays:

  • · Easter Sunday 1st April 2018
  • · Easter Monday 2nd April 2018
  • · ANZAC Day Wednesday 25th April 2018
  • · Queen’s Birthday Monday 4th June 2018
  • · Labour Day Monday 22nd October 2018
  • · Christmas Day Tuesday 25th December 2018
  • · Boxing Day Wednesday 26th December 2018
  • · New Year’s Day Tuesday 1st January 2019
  • · Day after New Year’s Day Wednesday 2nd January 2019
  • · Waitangi Day Wednesday 6th February 2019

PLEASE NOTE: A $150 surcharge will apply to all hire vehicles either collected or returned on any NZ public holidays (subject to availability)

Roadside Assistance

Should you require assistance, please call the AA Nationwide 24-hour free call helpline. Call 0800 734 543, quoting the vehicle registration and ‘Cruisy Campers’. If you incur any minor repair bills we will give you a refund (up to $100), unless the damage is caused by the hirer. Just produce receipts when you return the vehicle. If major repairs are needed, protect yourself by getting RV Rentals to authorise it first.

NOTE: In the event of a non-mechanical call-out, the driver will incur a call-out fee payable to the AA when logging the call (flat tyre, keys locked inside the vehicle, out of fuel or batteries gone flat due to incorrect usage etc.). In the event of a mechanical issue, please log your call with the AA and also call RV Rentals for authorisation (engine or transmission issues etc.).


Any mechanical problems associated with the vehicle must be reported to RV Rentals as soon as possible, in order to give RV Rentals the opportunity to resolve the problem during the rental period. Equipment failure must also be reported to RV Rentals. If RV Rentals is either not contacted or you do not allow RV Rentals the opportunity to resolve the problem during the hire period, you agree that the problem is of such a minor nature that you make no claim for loss of time in respect of the hire period.
You also agree that RV Rentals is not responsible for any claims made by you after the return of the vehicle.
You will be charged a fee where it is established that Roadside Assistance could have been avoided in cases such as keys being locked in the vehicle, flat batteries caused by lights having been left on and other such similar occurrences.


In the event of an accident, regardless of how minor the accident, you will need to notify RV Rentals within 24 hours. You can do this by calling the number on your vehicle’s key tag. RV Rentals will then advise you of the next steps. No matter how small the event is, you still need to report it to RV Rentals.
Depending on the Liability Reduction option which you chose to take for your hire, RV Rentals may retain your bond in the event of an accident, whether your fault or not, and collect another bond for any additional damages that may occur throughout the remainder of the hire.


Any repair up to $100 needs no authorization from RV Rentals, and all that is necessary for full reimbursement to you from RV Rentals is a proper receipt for the amount of the repairs. If the repair is more than $100, then you must notify RV Rentals and obtain RV Rentals’ consent before the repairs are carried out. If the vehicle cannot be driven as a result of a breakdown, RV Rentals will only reimburse you for the time that the vehicle was not available for use. Subject to availability, RV Rentals will provide a replacement vehicle. Any costs incurred in your travelling to RV Rentals is your responsibility. The failure of accessories such as air conditioners, awnings, televisions, microwaves, stove and grill, water pump, camping kit items, shower and toilet, refrigerators and radios/CD/DVD players are not considered a breakdown and no amount will be paid by RV Rentals to you. RV Rentals is not responsible for any accommodation charges, meals, change of itinerary or out of pocket expenses resulting from a breakdown of the vehicle or as a result of any accident.

NOTE: It can often be difficult to carry out repairs during weekends and holiday periods and/or in remote areas, due to limited opening times and/or spare parts.


Any damage to tyres or windscreens requiring repairs or replacement must be reported to RV Rentals immediately and authorization obtained before tyres or windscreens can be replaced.

Please ensure you maintain the correct tyre pressures (65PSI). Only purchase new steel radial tyres of the same size and ply-rating as is on the vehicle. If you purchase tyres of a different size or ply-rating RV Rentals will not refund you.
Windscreen replacements are covered with your insurance.


The following exclusions apply to the Standard Insurance as well as the Insurance Reduction:
a) Damage to the vehicle caused by wilful misconduct
b) Charges by local authorities for failing to abide by local/national road rules
c) Vehicle is submerged in fresh or salt water
d) Keys have been lost or misplaced, or keys must be retrieved from locked vehicle
e) Overhead or undercarriage damage
f) Single vehicle rollover
g) Incorrect use of fuel e.g. petrol in the diesel tank or diesel in the water tank
h) Water in the diesel tank
i) Damage to the awning
j) Damage caused by drivers not listed on the Rental Agreement, or drivers who have not signed the Rental Agreement
k) Damage caused, or exacerbated, because the hirer failed to adhere to the Terms and Conditions